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Back in 2013, around this time of year in fact, I was frantically searching for the perfect prom dress for my end of year Prom. For many people around the world their school Prom or Ball or Dance, is a huge deal and a chance to get super glam with your friends, eat extravagant food and dance the night away. Thanks to Milly Bridal you can get a gorgeous dress for your Prom without any worries or stress. Has your Prom been and gone? These dresses are perfect for any event, you'll look drop dead gorgeous either way. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect dress, it's important to choose one that suits you, your body type and most importantly what you like. On Milly Bridal, there are literally thousands of dresses to choose in all different styles. Sleeved, embellished, low cut, no sleeves, even the classic Angelina Jolie peak-a-boo-leg dresses are available at such affordable prices. There's something for all tastes, body types and preferences. Among the thousands of long prom dresses, you're bound to find the perfect on for you; I suggest you have a good snoop around! 

For a small extra, you can have your dress custom fitted to your exact measurements, something you can only get when paying large prices at bridal boutiques. I wish I had the chance to redo my prom and stop by Milly Bridal's site; there's just no going wrong. Here are some of my favourite dresses:

Which is your favourite? 
Your prom coming up? What did you wear to prom? What are your glam essentials?

*This post is sponsored by Milly Bridal, all opinions are my own, for more info visit my disclaimer.

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