Tips to update your wardrobe within your budget

For today's post I'm going to pass you on to blogger Freya Lowe who's going to chat to you about updating your wardrobe on a budget. I hope you enjoy todays guest post!

Many people think that it is expensive to update your wardrobe as you need to spend a lot of money while buying clothes. The other way to save money is by buying cheap clothes for less. This is actually not true. You can save a lot by making some little adjustments to the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe. In case you want to shop for new clothes, you need to shop wisely by planning your whole shopping thing. So look out for these simple tips that will help you to update your wardrobe.

·    First of all assess your wardrobe. When it comes to your wardrobe, make sure that it has some important things like a small black dress, a pair of jeans, a white blouse, a turtle neck, a solid colored top, flats, heels, boots and a handbag. So once you have them, use them with each other by mix and match technique. This will help you to have more to wear and thus save you from shopping.

·      Most of the time, stores gives out clearance sales. Such sales come at the end of the season, so that stores can stock up new clothes. You will find such sale at the end of every season. Pink Boutique vouchers  gives out such sales and offers from time to time, so that people can buy clothes from them for less. Winter sales for the clothes starts once the thanksgiving day goes and clearance sale starts once the festive season of Christmas ends. This continues throughout January, so that people can opt for them to save more.

·     Then there are shops that sell second hand clothes. You can visit such a store and buy branded products for less. In case you have clothes in good condition, you can take them to the store and sell them. This will help you to get some money which you can use to buy some clothes for yourself.

·    Another way to save some money and update your wardrobe is going for fashionable accessories. You can buy some accessories that are cheap and use them with clothes. This will give you a fresh look without hurting your pockets much. A number of accessories can be bought for less or within your budget by going for classic deals at Dealslands. There are many voucher codes & deals available at Joules, so you can choose the one that you want and get the products for less. 

·      If you have different jewelry, then try to use them recreate something new. This way you will have a different jewelry to be worn with the dress. You can paint them or tie out a ribbon to make them look different. This will give a completely different look to your dress.  

·      One of the important things that you need to understand is that if something is on sale, then it is not necessary for you to buy it at once. In case you happened to buy something costly make sure that you use them to the fullest.

Hope the above mentioned tips may prove helpful to you and you will be able to save some pounds on your next dress shopping.

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