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I splurge way, way too much on all kinds of things relating to beauty, fashion and homeware (H&M home is life right now), but mainly beauty. The advantage of this, of course, is I have quite a few memberships and advantage cards for all my favourite stores. Loyalty cards make you feel just that bit more a part of something, especially when sometimes you can spend the money you've gained from being so loyal. What are your current favourite loyalty schemes?
If you're a regular Space.NK shopper then you'll be no stranger to over indulgence (it's so hard not to overspend in Space.NK); with the N.dulge scheme you recieve 1 point for every £1/€1 you spend until you reach 100 which then entitles you to a N.centive reward worth £5/€5. 100 points may sound difficult to reach, but trust me, it is not. You'll be knee deep in skincare and makeup at the same time as being entitled to free goodies galore. As with many loyalty schemes you also get some lovely birthday gifts, exclusive invitations and previews of awesome products others don't know about yet!

Boots is like a second home to me, I've had their Advantage Card for so long now and its probably one of the best schemes I've been on. On this scheme you collect 4 points for every £1 you spend, with 1 point equivalent to one penny. That may not seem like much but overtime you'll collect enough money to buy many things in store and online. There are also many points events where earning is doubled and sometimes even tripled with certain deals, products and seasons. 'It all adds up!'
On the high street, getting all my favourite beauty brands can be such a struggle, even Boots don't do all the ones I love. Debenhams however, has one of the biggest ranges of brands (apart from Sephora of course) and it really pays off to be a member of their Beauty Club. As well as always earning points and rewards, which unfortunately Debenhams don't specify the amounts, you also get a plethora of other exclusives. Free samples, make overs and more are available to all card holders. Whenever I go shopping for makeup and skincare, I like to try before I buy because they tend to be very expensive, especially foundations. With this scheme you get your makeup applied for you so you get to see what it looks like before you purchase. 

Although I've been shopping at Sephora for what feels like a lifetime now, I've only just began my 'journey' through their reward scheme which through endless shopping will take you through from Sephora White to eventually reach Sephora Gold. Once you reach your first 200 points you'll receive a new Sephora Black loyalty card and a free gift. After that, every 200 points will be worth one gift until you reach 1500, which then entitles you to a Sephora Gold card. Along with free gifts, birthday surprises, exclusive access to sales and special preview with Sephora Gold you get private sales, prestigious gifts, VIP privilege and even the ability to cut queues in store, which is definitely a great reward seeing as Sephora is always packed. 

I have to make a special mention to The Body Shop who's card I didn't include because mine has expired and since I've been travelling a lot lately, I haven't had the chance to renew it yet. The Love Your Body Club card is a hugely generous, yearly reward scheme thats free to join at any time. Birthday gifts are always forthcoming and 10 points for every £1 is one of the best out there. I can't wait to get back on this member exclusive scheme. 

(For more info on my purse, check out this post!)

What are your current favourite loyalty schemes? Have any of mine?

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