Five Unexpected Winter/Spring Wardrobe Favourites

We're no stranger to fashion guest posts here on A So Called Beauty Blog and to add to the repertoire,  today Sarah Allen is talking about some unexpected Winter/Spring favourites!

Why let your wardrobe be bland? This season try stepping out of the box and adding some fun flair to your closet. If you're brave enough to give it a go, you won't be short on ideas. There are plenty of trends out right now that are pushing the envelope. Check out a few of the ones that are sure to garner some attention. 
This one is just downright convenient. Instead of carrying a purse around this season, swap your essentials (and then some) over into a backpack. A summary of Burberry's latest spring line highlighted their waterproof nylon backpack as one of their top designs. Just as with purses, you bag choice is a personal preference, but you can't go wrong with a neutral shade of black, brown, or tan in leather or faux leather. 

Flat Mules 
Flat mules, also known as slip-ons and slippers, are a great alternative to the traditional ballet flat. Better still, they're as casual and comfy as the bedroom slippers they're named after. As this article explains, the shoe's uncomplicated, regal design is best represented with simple colours or patterns, free of unnecessary jewels and details. 

X-silhouette Tops
Fall and winter saw a resurgence of the off-the-shoulder trend, and now the look is getting another makeover with the x-silhouette. The design uses a small amount of fabric around the neck to hold up the bodice while keeping the shoulders bare. The limited coverage makes it ideal for warmer months, so try the trend in a brighter, spring shade. You can see more of the design from the latest round of spring fashion shows here

Western-inspired Boots
This season and next you can expect to see a lot of Western-inspired boots. Whether it's a pair of suede booties adorned with fringe, or all out cowgirl boots, this fun footwear is already popping up on and off the runways. Play up the look with a fringe purse and plaid top, or keep it low-key with skinny jeans and long-sleeve blouse or a casual dress. This site's collection of designer women's boots can give you some added inspiration on which styles will go best with your wardrobe. 

Slip Dresses
Instead of hiding your slip dress under your clothes, make it the forefront of your outfit. This slinky frock can give any gal a confidence-boosting, ultra-feminine facade. Obviously, you'll want to layer it when it's cold out, so try it underneath an open peacoat or cardigan with a fun scarf, or throw it on over a pair of pants. You can reference this guide for more information on how to wear the trend this winter and spring. 

Fashion is supposed to fun. The next time you're in the mood for some retail therapy, try something a little outside the box. You never know what might turn into your next go-to fashion favourite!

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