Monthly Mustreads No.5

For the fifth edition of my Monthly Mustreads series, I am featuring two of my absolute favourite books of the moment. Aside from fantasy novels, fashion, beauty and lifestyle books almost always grab my attention. Reading is an essential part of my daily life, but if I'm really going to take it seriously it has to be based around a topic I love. This month I've been obsessed with Garance Doré's Love Style Life and adding to my coffee table essentials, Phaidon's The Fashion Book has been a must. What is your favourite genre to read? 
If you're not familiar with the world of Garance Doré and her seemingly effortlessly glamorous life, then you have been missing out. She started out blogging about style and beauty, and once she became established she also began publishing her illustrations. Her world famous blog has a gamut of beauty and fashion posts along side some gorgeous illustrations adding her own flare to everything she's passionate about. She's more than just a french woman, she's an encyclopaedia of fashion, a creative inspiration and a constant traveller. Imagine all that in one book.

Love Style Life is her blog in further depth, with style advice, beauty guidance, life advice and her take on elegance. She may be french but this book is not your typical 'How to be Parisian'. As she's well travelled her style has evolved; New York is a huge part of who she's become. She even has a chapter devoted to things New Yorkers do that she does, and this tailor made style with twists of American luxe and classic french embellishments, makes her overall style so unique and interesting. 
What you can expect:
  • Fashion, and lots of it (including her love of Zara)
  • Her beauty essentials
  • Tips and anecdotes about the crazy life she leads
The unexpected:
  • Love and all it's tribulations
  • Actual blogging advice!
  • Diary entries
  • Conversations with people who inspire her
I absolutely adore this book, and take it with me everywhere. For me it has just the right amount of glamour and realness to make it relatable, and everything in it (the inspirational quotes, the plethora of advice and the stories) make for a book I can't put down, and one that I will refer to for a lifetime to come. As Garance is french, and I speak french, I went ahead and bought both copies just because I love it that much, incase I was missing out on something. Do you own a copy of Love Style Life?
The Fashion book has been a book I've wanted ever since it came out; its a classic coffee/bedside table essential for anyone who loves fashion and wants to know more. You're most likely familiar with this books older sibling, the huge hardback version, but I went for the mini to keep things simple. First published in 1998, The Fashion Book is a constantly updated fashion glossary featuring everyone and everything that created and inspired it. 

What we think we know about fashion today is not enough to truly understand why fashion is what it is now. Style is constantly evolving but also constantly looking back at what once was. This book takes you back to the origins of style that we are familiar with today and is a thorough education on what's behind the runway shows and photo shoots, but also what inspires change in the first place.
What you can expect:
  • Designers upon designers
  • People you haven't heard of before
  • Essential fashion terminology 
  • What goes in to making those iconic fashion campaigns 

The unexpected:
  • Art that inspired fashion
  • Textile designers
  • Photographers
  • A whole lot of Naomi Campbell 
If you're a fan of fashion and endless pages of inspiration, I strongly advice you pick Phaidon's The Fashion Book, mini or not, it's an essential. It's not really a book you read all at once;  you can use it for reference, spur of the moment inspiration, coffee table entertainment and I can imagine it would also be very helpful to anyone studying fashion.

What are current favourite books? Read any of mine?

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