Exploring Sleek Makeup

Exploring new brands is always a lot of fun, I've found quite a few favourites thanks to just taking a chance with a brand I've not delved into before. Sleek came to my attention a while ago when I was recommended their compact Contour Palette and back then I didn't even know about their prices. I would say Sleek are in the high end spectrum but very low down within it; their products are just above drug store price braquets, but way above in quality. Whilst pricing is everything when you class a product as 'high end', I think quality plays a massive role in that too. What are your latest beauty discoveries? Tried Sleek Makeup before?

As it was the first product I tried, the Face Contour Kit has always been a stand out for me, and was the reason I wanted to explore Sleek a lot further. You can see it's not very big and, to be honest, isn't for the contour obsessed. Whilst I do contour, it's not a huge part of my everyday makeup routine so this little gem was perfect for me. 
For £6.49, it wasn't a huge investment like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, but does a fine job. It comes it three shades; light, medium and dark, all in the same classic Sleek packaging. It's contour shade is pigmented, buildable and blendable; on the highlight side, you get a light, luminous highlighting powder that delivers a delicate yet gorgeous finish. It's small, slim and fits neatly into my makeup bag (and lets face it, that's probably overfilled anyway). 
Since Too Faced's Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette become a prominent part of my life, my expectations for eye shadows have gone way up. Pigment is a must; fall out is super annoying; and range of colours is essential. Whilst Sleek's I-Divine Eye Shadow Palette collection sells for only £7.99, it's quality and range will surprise you. There are 17 palettes in this collection, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding your perfect set. Mine, the Enchanted Forest palette, closely resembled the colours in Too Faced's original and Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar's, with an array of 12 gorgeous colours

You can achieve smokey eye's, golden classics, summer berries and neutral blues with this set; it has a lot of potential and room to play around with. Each colour has a fantasy related name, like Fairy Godmother, and also comes in a chic black, understated case with a brush (which I'll only ever use once, as usual). 
Unless you've been stuck in a hole, you've probably noticed the insane upsurge of cosmetics companies creating matte liquid lipsticks (thanks Kylie!), Sleek being one of many to make an affordable rendition of this otherwise expensive of-the-moment thing. Matte Me, Sleek's new matte liquid lipstick collection, consists of 6 must have colours; Fandango Purple, Petal, Brink Pink, Birthday Suit, Rioja Red and Party Pink
I have the lipstick in Birthday Suit, a really wearable nude that is probably my favourite of the bunch. Everyone needs a nude in their collection, and this one is certainly a lipstick I turn to often. Birthday Suit is always selling out and I can see why, it's a very popular colour right now. Application wise its really, really easy; either use your finger or its strong, precision applicator for an even coverage. I prefer to use the applicator as it turns out looking amazing every time, and whilst Sleek say there's no need for a second layer (which really there isn't), if you wanted to add a second coat once the first is dried, it's so simple and effective. 

As far as wearability is concerned, I performed the tap water test and ran the water over my swatch without any wear or tear. That was the most surprising thing for me, it's so affordable yet so durable and doesn't dry out your lips like some other liquid lipsticks tend to do. Sleek have a brilliant formula and a great range of colours to make the impact you want. 
Visit Sleek's Social Hub to connect with them across platforms and visit their Get The Look page for inspiration and product recommendations for all skin types. Sleek also have their own blog which is a fun section of their sit for challenges, their latest releases and more. Furthermore, they're are the proud sponsors of Britain's Next Top model, so you can get the looks, behind the scenes and exclusive inside scoop on all the makeup featured on the show.

Have you delved into the world of Sleek Makeup? What's the latest new brand you've been trying out?

S/S Kicks with Online Avenue

Whilst it's not quite flip-flop weather yet, Spring and Summer shoes are certainly still emerging in street fashion and I'm really excited to update my collection with some new ones for the coming seasons. When I'm not at the stables and since I'm nowhere near the beach right now, my go to shoes tend to be boots, Vans (although not recently for obvious reasons), and Converse high tops and pumps. For the warmer seasons I still stick with those types of shoes but partner them with clothes more appropriate for the weather. However, when it comes to boots, for the warmer seasons, I like ones that show a little more skin yet are just as edgy. 
The latest edition to my collection is this gorgeous pair of Kylee Lace Up Tassel Ankle Boots* from Online Avenue in Mocha Suede. The suede (faux) is super soft and works well with a chunk heal. They boots also come in black, but since spring and summer call for brighter clothes, I'm looking to transition my wardrobe to lighter colours and styles. The Mocha Suede is such a chic colour, and goes really with a lot of others. 

When it comes to heels, I much prefer block heels because they're far easier to walk on, so much more practical for day looks, yet always chic enough to style in the evening. These Kylee Lace Up's are so versatile; they work perfectly with jeans and leggings, however when styled with a knee length or maxi dress, they look just as gorgeous. The tassel detail adds a bit of personality to the boots, and I certainly don't own anything with tassels on them, so this style is new and refreshing for me. 
Shoes: Online Avenue Kylee Lace Up Tassel Ankle Boots in Mocha Suede

What are your Spring/Summer Shoe collection additions? What do you think of my new boots from Online Avenue?

Turning 19 | Gifts, Goals & More

It really does not feel like I've lived 19 years on this planet, but as of last Sunday, March 13th, I entered the final years of my teens. I like to think that the number of years you've lived has nothing to do with the number you feel; I can be as immature as a 12 year old at times, then act my age when I need to. My blog was established when I was 17 and at 19 I couldn't imagine life without it; after years of school, now doing a gap year and going to university in September, things are just as unpredictable. Today I thought I'd share my goals for this new chapter, the gifts I received (my favourite part) and a few of my favourite posts from the past while. When was your birthday? What are your goals for the coming months?

Since leaving Apple (post here) almost a year ago now, I've missed it so much. I used to have an iPhone 6 Plus and it was just amazing, however I switched to android to try out Samsung's Limited Edition Note Edge and whilst it was an amazing phone, Android just wasn't for me. This year I've been lucky enough to receive Apple's iPhone 6s in Gold, not as big as my last iPhone but it took me very little time to adjust to size. I am just so happy with it, it's exactly what I've been missing and fits perfectly in my life.

I also got Apple's 4th Generation iPod Shuffle in matte black, the perfect companion for the gym, running or taking music anywhere with you, minus the bulk of a phone. I've always wanted a Shuffle to go running with, it's as easy as clipping it to your sleeve, or the bottom of your shirt and your good to go. It holds 2gb worth of songs so you can get at least 5 hours of songs and you can easily differentiate between playlists. As little as it is, there are many really clever settings, so whilst there's no screen you can do everything you need to do.
The makeup bits I got this year were from Sleek, I've already been really impressed by their contour palette and I'm so excited to start using and trying out these new goodies. The I-Divine Eye Shadow Palette in Enchanted Forest is a fantasy inspired group of shades with names such a 'Fairy Godmother' and 'Happy Ever After'. I love the colours included in this collection they're really pigmented and are such exciting shades that I can't wait to use more of. I also received my first Matte Me matte liquid lipstick in the shade 'Birthday Suit' described as a 'classic wearable nude', it's so soft and easy to apply. I did some testing and no amount of water would get it off, for the price its extremely good. 
My best friend kindly bought me The Little Book of Cocktails by Rufus Cavendish, a vast collection of essential recipes and tips for those who cocktails. I can't wait to start making them, they're cleverly labeled with skill levels so you can progress from knowing nothing about cocktails to a seasoned guru. As well as this she also got me the most gorgeous Jack Daniels embossed whisky glass, because I love Jack Daniels; this gift is perfect. I'm really a whisky drinker but I really took to Jack Daniels and coke, so I can't to use this glass for just that. 

To go with my new phone, I got the Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 6/6s case in metallic Rose gold. Whilst my phone isn't Rose Gold, the shade metallic shade goes very well with it and I just love how it feels. It may be 'barely there' but it protects the phone in all the right places and buttons are just as easy to press as before. I'm not keen on bulky phone cases so the size and feel of this phone is ideal for me. 

This year I didn't really set myself any 2016 goals, so I thought turning 19 was the perfect time to think about where I want to be this time next year. Here are some of my goals:
  • Become fully Fluent in French (almost there!)
  • Start learning Spanish and Italian
  • Go to University in September 
  • Reach 1000 Bloglovin' followers 
  • Save up enough money to go to Ibiza with my best friend 
  • Find the perfect foundation 
Favourites Posts

My favourite posts from the last while have been post talking about Kylie Jenner's new site, I loved talking about all the various features and why I absolutely love the site. My post on the best people to follow on Snapchat is a favourite of mine because I love using snapchat, and it was a pleasure to share the people I like to follow on there too. Lastly, I really enjoyed putting together my 10 Confessions We Can All Relate to post, getting real with the #femaleproblems.

Let's Talk: Kylie Jenner's Website
10 Confessions We Can All Relate To
Top People to Follow on Snapchat

When was your birthday? What are your new goals for the coming months?

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm | Worth the hype?

I have yet again given into the hype and jumped on the trend train of beauty products, this time around for a product that costs less money than a subway meal deal. If you aren't familiar with this product and the buzz surrounding it then it's very simple; the queen that is Nikkie Tutorials on youtube came up, accidentally, with the ingenious idea of using Nivea's Post Shave Balm, intended for men of course, as a primer. Since then everyone and their dog has been buying it and finding out just why she loves it so much. As its only £2.95 at Wilko's I saw no harm in trying it out; if this does the same, if not a better, job than my current primers, we could all be saving a lot of money. Have you tried this strange primer yet? 
What is it meant to do?
As it's name suggests, Nivea's Post Shave Balm is meant to aid men in repairing broken and sensitive skin after shaving, specifically those who suffer from more sensitive skin than others. It's main role is to act as a skin soothing relief and protection from irritation; this includes redness, and dehydration. 

What more can it do?
As Nikkie most cleverly discovered, this post-shave palm acts as an effective, potent primer as well as a brilliant addition to your skincare pre makeup. All you have to do is smooth it into the skin until its 'tacky', so makeup essentially sticks to it like a slightly adhesive surface on the skin for your foundation. My skin feels so much better when I take my makeup off at the end of day, not only because my pores aren't as clogged but also because the benefits of this post shave balm take full effect when layered beneath my makeup. 

To make this product even more of a beneficial alternative to a regular (and costly) primer, this balm contains 0% alcohol making it completely non abrasive on the skin. As well as this, it contains a healthy mix of Chamomile and extracts of Witch Hazel, which as far as I know are brilliant for the skin. Witch Hazel in particular is an ingredient I'm always referred to when in need of repair and protection for the skin. 

The Verdict?

It feels so weird preferring a mens grooming product to my usual primer as a base for my makeup; its unorthodox and to some extent quite controversial. With the rise of primers for almost everything these days (heard about Ren's mask primer?), makeup primers are getting more and more expensive, so the introduction of the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm to the makeup world has definitely altered peoples opinions on paying so much for a regular pore smoothing primer. I love saving money but at the same time I like to think about the quality of the product first; this balm has all the components of a great skincare product and even better primer. 

To test it out I applied my normal primer, which at the moment is L'Oreal's Infallible Primer (actually on the cheaper end of the primer market), on one side of my face and then Nivea's post shave balm on the other and then applied my makeup as usual. They both did an impeccable job, but my makeup looked just that bit better on the Nivea side as well as much smoother post removal. Does this mean all primers are now useless? What this product possibly can't do as well, is smooth out pore heavy areas, especially around the nose, the formula is obviously not designed to do that, so for those with a lot of pores to fill out, perhaps this wouldn't work as well. Only time will tell. 

What do you think of this strange new, affordable primer? Have you tried it yet?

Morning Skincare Routine | Spring 2016

I talk and blog about skincare all the time but I've never actually sat down to write about my full routine, for many reasons. Since becoming extremely obsessed with what goes on my skin before makeup, I have been trialling and testing different products to find the perfect formula for my skin and thus find the perfect products to match. Whilst the products are always changing, the formula that I use is one that I love and works perfectly to help me maintain clear, healthy, hydrated skin that makeup glides nicely onto. The products in todays post are my current favourites to use in the Morning. What is your morning skincare routine like?

#1 The Cleansers

In the mornings I like to start of with something gentle and hydrating, so I use one cleanser that does just that for my sensitive morning skin. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash - This is my only slightly foaming cleanser that I like to use in the morning partnered with my gentle Botanics Facial Exfoliating Brush, when my skin needs a little more exfoliation. It's perfect sensitive skin, hydrating and does a brilliant job cleansing my skin in the morning. 

Oskia Renaissance Cleaning Gel - I've been using this gel for almost a year now and its one of my favourites for a gentle yet extremely hydrating morning cleanse. It smells gorgeous and melts wonderfully into the skin, but once water is applied, turns into a smooth milky cleanser. I probably use this gel most out of all my cleansers for the morning, it just gives my skin a wonderful glow post cleanse. 

Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm - This is my most recent purchase and it's already a staple for the mornings. It's got the basic formula of a cleansing balm with added exfoliating beads making it a 2-in-1 hydrating cleanser and exfoliant. This kind of cleanser is exactly what I want for the morning, it smells great, feels great and does an all round amazing job. 

#2 The Toners

Some toners can be quite harsh on the skin with strong chemicals that help balance it's ph post cleanse. I prefer a more gentle toner in the mornings, and save the stronger ones for my evening cleanse. 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Clarifying Toner - I think I've gone through about 10 bottles of this stuff, its been a faithful skincare companion of mine for a long time. Effaclar is, I believe, a built in blemish control ingredient; the formula is effective yet still delivers a gentle feeling. My skin always feels better off after I use this toner, you can't beat La Roche Posay. 

Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner* - Speaking of gentle yet effective, Merumaya's gorgeous formula for their toner blew me away and I just love using it. You get a slight tingle which is what I like when using a toner like this. I use this toner all the time, my skin is smoother and I actually have less blackheads and blemishes thanks to it. 

La Roche Posay Serozinc - I don't know one person who hasn't used or at least heard if this cult favourite. Now readily available in boots, Serozinc is my favourite hydrating spray to partner with my exfoliating toner. 

#3 The Serums

It may seem a bit overkill, but recently for me, applying a serum before my moisturiser has become really key to balancing out my skin and taking full advantage of the layering effect. 

Botanics All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum - I've spoken about this product so many times, and repurchased it so many more times over. In a small glass pipet bottle, this serum delivers a glow in the lightest of formulas, perfect for the morning. I don't like anything too thick, so the light formula with added hydration is a great pre moisturiser. 

Eysilix by Indeed Labs - Whilst this isn't exactly a 'serum' as such, my favourite morning eye cream also comes before my moisturiser so this category seemed appropriate. I suffer from dark circles and constantly look tired with an effective eye cream morning and sometimes at night too. Eysilix reduces my dark circles and allows me leave the house without looking like I haven't slept in 4 weeks. 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + - I often, but not always, include a blemish serum whenever I'm beginning to break out or have a few blemishes in the morning. This is actually my first tube of Duo + since I just finished my last tube of the original, Duo, this is just a step above that. Using this serum in the mornings keeps my skin balanced and the blemishes at bay. 

Hydraluron by Indeed Labs - Hydraluron is an extremely light hydrating gel, that I sometimes use as instead of a moisturiser depending on what primer I'm planning to use or if on that specific day my skin is feeling a bit clogged. It is designed to be a moisture boost for when you need a little extra burst of moisture to accompany your moisturiser. It's key ingredient, Hydrologic acid, is such an important part of what makes this gel so special and works so well on my skin.  
#4 The Moisturisers

As I've said, for me the mornings are about using light products that don't make my skin look greasy or clogged and shiny. If I'm wearing makeup that day, it's very helpful for them to be barely there but able to smooth my skin out for an even application of foundation.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream - I have combination skin which comes with quite an oily T-zone which is why this mattifying day cream is perfect for me. The way this cream is formulated gives the skin a feeling I've never experienced before; its light but deeply effective and glides on the skin effortlessly. It's also perfect under makeup!

Ren V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream - This is more of a cream in texture as well as look, Ren have formulated a really hydrating cream that at first comes off as quite thick, but sinks into the skin almost immediately with no residual grease or shine. The smell is a little waxy so it might put some people off, but once thats gone all your left with a smooth, hydrated skin ready for the day.

On a side note, I also like to use a lip balm even when I am wearing makeup and recently I've been using Ren's rich, soothing Lip Balm from their Vita Mineral range. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my morning skincare routine and the products I'm currently using that work wonderfully for me.

What is your spring skincare routine? Use any of my products? 

NEW IN: Makeup, Storage & More

My makeup collection is forever expanding to the point where I often can't keep track of it all. I like to try out a lot of products before they become part of my core makeup collection, and this month of March brings many more bits to try. Today I'm sharing the items that have made it into my core collection, and as new as they are, they're already impressing me. You'll definitely be seeing more of these guys round here. What makeup bits are you currently trying out? Any recent purchases?

First off, Born Pretty have kindly sent me some more gorgeous makeup bits to try out, beginning with their 2 in 1 Eye Brow Pencil & Eye Brow Brush Set* which I chose in colour 3, a lovely light brown perfect for natural looking full brows. This reminds me so much of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, with its retractable pencil, triangular tip and of course the spooly; I could go as far as to say its a fantastic dupe! Either way, I love this product, its so easy to use and has not failed me so far.  

For the lips, the Midnight Cool nude lip* range of 9 colours provides a gorgeous, strong finish perfect for a classic nude lipstick. I find nude lipstick/matte liquid lipsticks are so beautiful and versatile, you need plenty of lip liners that match them, in your kit. I love that this liner is long lasting and goes with many shades of nude, but since there are lots to choose from, you can match it almost exactly to your lipstick. It's definitely up their with some of my Nyx and L'Oreal favourites!
As a subscriber to Birchbox, I get a lot of little makeup items to try out, some of which are hits and some misses. The new arrivals I've been loving so far include the familiar Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner, a very popular easy to apply liquid liner. It has, what Eyeko describe as, a 'chubby pen' which is the key to its mega easy application. I've tried a lot of liquid liners and I've found most of them were so impossible to use, unless you want to redo your makeup 5 times before you get it right. Upon my first use of the Fat Liner, I was amazed at just how effortless and simple it was to create many looks with its pen like applicator. It's a sure win

If you too are subscribed to Birchbox, then you'll have come across LOC (Love of Colour), their little brand that sells the sweetest matte lipsticks around. I received their Vibrant Matte Lipstick in the shade Glam Life which is a gorgeous berry plum colour. It applies well, its really soft and looks great. My only bug bear is that it doesn't last too long before you have to refresh it because it comes off easily on drinks and whilst eating. But if you're willing to top it up every once in a while, its hydrating yet matte formula is definitely worth a try. 
Last of the Birchbox newbies, is Jelly Pong Pong's Lighten Up brightener and water-liner. I'd never heard of this brand before, but based on this product alone, I'm excited to explore it more. This liner is, for me, a multi tasking must have for any makeup bag; highlight your water line, cupids bow and even below your eye brows to give them more definition. It can also be used in place of a powder highlighter on your cheeks, forehead and nose! There's nothing this thing can't do. 
In the recent months I have become rather obsessed with palettes and wanted to try out Sleek's best selling Face Contour Kit to see what all the fuss was about. The product ranges through Light, Medium and Dark, so I chose medium for my light tan skin tone. I don't do a lot of contouring, so this basic set was perfect; when it arrived it looked a lot smaller than I expected but, in hindsight, it's actually just right. The Highlighter is my favourite part of this set, its so gentle and illuminating, I just love it. For only £13 its a great alternative to the expensive sets that may be too much for your needs. This simple, blendable contour colour and beautiful highlight shade is all I need.

Receiving this next palette in the post was probably the highlight (pardon the pun) of my week, if not my month. I've been subscribed to Carli Bybel on youtube since she had just over 200 subscribers, and following her journey until now has been a real pleasure. I could go on, but that's for a more in depth post on her collab with BH Cosmetics later! In brief, the Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics palette is a spectacular range of 14 colours for eye shadow and highlight. They're so pigmented, a range that suits all skin tones and types, but also just one of the best palettes I own. I could ramble on forever about it!
New to my makeup tools I've received Born Pretty's Squared Makeup Organiser* perfect for lipsticks, pencils and more. I see this type of organiser everywhere these days, it's so handy and fits any Mac lipstick like a glove. There are 24 slots and 4 tiers, it makes your collection look far more organised and helps you declutter. It's super affordable and I think everyone needs at least one of these on their vanity. My last new addition is a simple Born Pretty steel Eyelash Curler*; its strong, affordable and does exactly what it says on the tin! 

What have you recently picked up? Tried any of my new in makeup or tools?

Following Fashion Week: S/S 2016

Around this time last year I did a post called How I Follow Fashion Week, about the ways I was following S/S 2015 runway trends and shows, so I thought I'd do an updated version about how I'm following fashion week this year for S/S 2016. For me its around this time of year that my wardrobe needs yet another revamp so the current fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and London are perfect ways to get inspiration for new looks and guidance for what new pieces to buy for the coming season. What ways do you keep yourself updated with the latest from Fashion week?

It goes without saying that Magazines are probably the easiest and most thorough way to see pictures from the shows, get all the trends in one place and discover what's new and exciting. It's always fun to see which designers have really pushed the boat out with their latest designs; which ones worked and perhaps which ones didn't. It's also really helpful having each trend displayed on page by page spreads with all the designers who've created similar styles and pieces.

Since last year my magazine choices haven't really changed; I stick with Elle, Vogue, Porter, Love, and Marie Claire's runway specials. Of course you can find all of these mags online, and you can get subscriptions on your phones and tablets for on the go. Which magazines do you like to read?

On the go

I used to have way to many apps based around fashion week, and I found myself wasting phone and iPad space just so I could have all those apps, and I wasn't even using them all. This year I've narrowed it down to my two favourites; Vogue Runway and the M2M Fashion Video Channel app. These two are, in my opinion, the best apps for detailed and readily available runway news and roundups. The M2M Fashion Video Channel app provides the latest videos straight from the shows for you to watch, completely free. Watching the shows is one of my favourite parts of fashion week and just high fashion in general. Which apps do you have?
What's new?

As of this year I've been far more immersed in the details and history of designers, trends and all things runway. Having The Fashion Book handy, has been a really nice way to look up designers that I may not know much about and get some inside knowledge, for example, on trends that have made a come back. If you really want the know-how this year, I highly recommend getting this book for some in-depth fashion reading whilst watching shows, reading about them or just swatting up on what you'd like to know. What are your favourite fashion books?

Something that really took me my surprise this year was the fact that Vogue is now using WhatsApp to directly notify you of whats happening right this second including the new, just released articles on their site. All you have to do is add their number to your contacts, 07481344932 (be sure to add your appropriate dial code), and message them on whatsapp with the word FASHION. Then you're in! I promise they don't bug you too often, they just make sure the breaking news is right there when you need it, and inform you of what's new in the fashion world. Have you got Vogue on WhatsApp?

How are you following Fashion Week S/S 2016? Use any of my methods? What are your favourites?

March Birchbox Unboxing

Before my Birchbox arrived this month, I was in such a nail polish rut; I've had the same colours and brands for quite a while now and needed a change. March couldn't have come sooner, bringing a new nail polish along with a vast range of beauty products in all areas. I love the way they've designed the box; a brightly coloured drawer was a really nice Spring inspired touch. There's certainly something for everyone this month! What did you get this month? Which subscription service do you have?
Starting off with skincare, as regular readers will know, I adore toners. The process and the importance of toners to my skincare routine is a big deal to me, and this months Birchbox brought an entirely new one to try. Les Anges Ont La Peau Douce is the sweetest little french skincare brand that specialises in purification and softness of the skin. Their name literally translates to 'Angels have soft skin' and I certainly trust a french brand to bring good skincare to my routine, what with the vast array of brands like La Roche Posay (a personal favourite) currently leading the market. This L'eau Bleu (Blue water) delivers the softest skin post application and is best used right after exfoliation. I used this last night to try it out and my skin is still reaping the benefits from just one use! (Full price: £15)

I'm a big fan of hand creams, and in this months box I received Soap And Paper Factory's Green Tea Shea Butter based cream. Green tea is probably one of the best ingredients for your skin; more and more of my products have it as a key ingredient these days. Whilst the Green Tea helps detoxify and uplift the skin, the Shea butter is perfect for hydration and long lasting smooth, moisturised skin. This particular cream also has notes of citrus, which I love, and is completely paraben free. I've never heard of this brand before, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for their products in the future. (Full price: £13)
Speaking of hands, Birchbox also included a cute Ciaté Mini nail polish in this gorgeous lilac colour. I've heard great things about Ciaté, however I've not actually used a single one of their iconic nail polishes which makes me feel awful. It almost seems like a right of passage to have Ciaté in your nail care kit! My current favourite nail polish brands are Maybelline, OPI and Essie, but I'm looking forward to trying more of what Ciaté have to offer. (Full price: £5/ 3 for £12)
It's so far been a delight exploring the brand Whish through Birchbox, and this month has been no different. In the little pink tube to the left is their Three Wishes Bath and Body Gel which comes in 10 different fruity, floral and natural flavours. I somehow ended up getting my favourite flavour, Pomegranate, among those available and couldn't be happier with it. Its so luxurious and hydrating; all the gels contain Organic Aloe, Organic Raspberry Butter and Organic Shea Butter. Can it get much better than that? Whish boast that their gels offer a far more beneficial wash than your typical dehydrating body washes, with all natural ingredients to dramatically improve the healthy glow of your skin. I'd like to also mention that Whish is entirely Cruelty Free, and I have the utmost respect for their brand; I can't wait to see more from them. (Full price: £13)

You're probably all too familiar with this last product by Aussie, a pretty well know hair care brand that's been cropping up in all the best product lists for quite a while now. I'm yet to actually use any Aussie products (another beauty sin, I know!), but since I've heard great things about them, I'm really excited. This month I've received the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Conditioner which specialises in breathing life and health into dry and damaged hair. I use a lot of heated styling products (GHS's, hair dryers, curlers etc) so I mainly buy products that help repair damaged hair; this one fits right in! It's key ingredient, Australian Balm Mint, is said to repair split ends and roughened cuticles wonderfully, so I can't wait to see the results. (Full price: £4.99)

What products have you tried out lately? Are you subscribed to Birchbox? Used any of my newbies?

Let's Talk: Kylie Jenner's Website

You may remember back when the Kardashian's first announced the launch of their custom made websites and matching apps last year. People were not happy that they'd have to pay $2.99 per month to see the exclusive content, and I was just as annoyed at first. But, before completely renouncing the idea of trying their content, I subscribed to my two favourite Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kylie, to trial them out. You can unsubscribe at anytime and the first 7 days are totally free, so if you're not liking it at all you won't have to pay a penny. I did a post a while back about unlocking Kim's world here, if you want to know all about what you'll be getting from her. Today I thought I'd talk to you about why I think its definitely worth subscribing to Kylie's site too. Are you subscribed to any of the Kardashian's sites?
Kylie is obviously very well known for her makeup and its flawless versatility, which is hugely thanks to her amazing makeup artists, namely Hrush Achemyan. If you're not keen on the lifestyle aspects of her site, the makeup bits are pure gold. With her makeup artists, Kylie consistently uploads tutorial videos and 'get the looks' which show you step by step how to achieve every bit of the glam. Every product is named, priced and shown, so you can genuinely get the look if you wanted to. I personally love watching these videos for technique, application skills and adding more looks to my roster. 

Makeup stuff you'll love:
  • Kylie Glam tutorials w/ Hrush
  • Hair Care + Style Tips/Tutorials w/ Experts
  • Kylie Klaws
  • Kylie Up Close (Lip Kit exclusives and events!)
  • Neeeeed (must have beauty prods)
  • All about... (Iconic looks in detail)
  • So down (Kylie's personal beauty routines)
  • Help! My Face is F#cked! (Beauty sos with Gigi Gorgeous)
  • Kylie's Clique (Kylie Kyli-fies her friends)
If you're all about Fashion then, of course, Kylie also has you covered. Like a lot of blogs do, Kylie runs a series of 'posts' (I wouldn't know what else to call them, they're not really articles, its more in the style of a blog) called 'Cop My Style' and 'Shop The Selfie' which include direct links to the exact garments she's wearing in the photo, and cheaper alternatives from stores like Forever 21, H&M and TopShop. It's expected that her wardrobe is packed full of expensive items, however she gives you the opportunity to almost great a 'dupe' of her look or create it exactly. 

Fashion stuff you'll love:
  • Shop The Selfie
  • Cop My Style
  • OOTD
  • Neeeeed (must have pieces)
  • Eye Candy (Her style at events and photo shoots)
  • Looks
  • BTS (My favoutite, shots from her shoots and covers, they're beautiful)
Admittedly Kylie's 'Lyfe' section is for the more seasoned fans who are looking for every and any exclusive bit of information about Kylie's day to day life and her past; things that may not interest you. I personally like this section for Home deco, Cooking w/ Kyliefun live streams, shopping tips and a series called 'The Temperature' which is a little gossipy, but I love it. Stuff I don't get much out of are posts on her dogs, info on her and Kendall's game, and her throwbacks. 

Important Stuff to Note

I'd say if you're simply not a huge fan of Kylie, or genuinely don't like her, then despite the amazing fashion and beauty stuff on there, it just may not be a worthy investment. However, stuff that came as a surprise to me on her site were pleasantly heart warming. Kylie's series 'Fresh Blood' sheds the spotlight on new musicians, artists and others that need more love (Alessia Cara was featured a few months ago). Kylie Cares, another wonderful series, is all about giving back and being charitable, shedding light on serious issues, especially stuff you wouldn't think she'd care about. It certainly got me thinking.

The App

With your subscription, as with all the Kardashians, you can download the matching App to Kylie's to access the content on the go. There's nothing more to the app content wise, apart from a little feature called Kylie Radio. At the moment Kylie Radio is only available on the app (although she's working on getting it for the website) and consists of a constant stream of her favourite songs as well as live sessions between Kylie and her guests/best friends. Interviews, advice and just chat is to be expected, so if that's not for you, the music is definitely a nice touch.
So I hope this in depth talk about Kylie Jenner's site has helped in some way, whether you were thinking about getting a subscription, wanted to know more or were just generally curious. I truthfully get a lot of joy from the site and as a subscription service, it isn't all that expensive. Keep doing what you're doing Kylie.

Subscribe to Kylie's site here.

Thinking of getting a subscription? Who's your favourite Kardashian? Do you think it's worth the subscription fee?

Mac Prep + Prime Fix + | Worth the hype?

Over the past while my makeup application skills have come on leaps and bounds; but technique isn't entirely to blame. It can be those very small changes that make a huge difference to the end result, and for me that was adding Mac's Prep + Prime Fix + to my makeup routine. This product has been hyped up and raved about a lot ever since it's release, and is probably to blame for the wave of new setting sprays that are constantly hitting the market. As with all the hugely raved about products that I try, today I'm begging the question 'is it worth the hype?' From my rather bias intro, you may have already guessed my answer but, do you think Fix + is worth the hype? (hint: yes!)
What I love about Mac is that they care deeply about your skin throughout the entire process of applying your makeup; from start to flawless finish. Their Prep + Prime range spans from primers, spot gels, and moisturisers to setting sprays, illuminating sprays and powders. Before and after applying makeup, are definitely the most important stages. Fix + as an individual product can do so much more than you'd first anticipate, the plus in it's name certainly means something. 

What is it meant to do?

Fix + is essentially a hydrating setting spray; it sets makeup perfectly with a dewy finish, so you don't look so matte. For those who like a more matte finish, you'd just use a little less. 

What more can it do?

For such a hyped up product, you'd expect it to be extremely good at its main job (above) and also extremely useful in other areas Mac haven't specified. I like to use Fix + for so many things; setting my makeup, hydrating the skin before makeup application, spraying on my brushes to increase the intensity if powders, and spraying on my beauty blender to ensure even application of my foundation and concealer. A little spray to your brush before applying an eye shadow, for example, can increase the pigmentation and allow you to use a lot less but get a really strong look. It's so versatile. 

I always look for key ingredients in my products, the more natural ingredients on the list, the better it is for my skin. Mac isn't specifically known for organic, natural products but despite that this spray happens to include; a blend of Green Tea, Chamomile and Cucumber. All three are well known beneficial ingredients for healthy looking skin. 

The Verdict?

Before using Mac's Fix +, all I used was a simple setting powder to set my makeup post application. Adding Fix + to my lineup has not only improved the end look, but also improved all stages of my makeup application and given my skin an almost flawless look. I love the fact that it's a simple, clear spray and comes in 100 ml or a travel sized 30ml bottle, with so much versatility. I'm hooked. 

Do you use Mac's Prep+Prime? What's your favourite way to set your makeup?

Spring Staples w/ Luxêmme

I love updating my wardrobe, trying out the latest trends and discovering new seasonal staples. For Spring I like to add some playful, light pieces as well as some more chic ready-to-wears and night time pieces. What style changes are you making for spring? For today's style post, I thought I'd share a new edition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe courtesy of the chic brand Luxêmme from their two-piece collections

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