Following Fashion Week: S/S 2016

Around this time last year I did a post called How I Follow Fashion Week, about the ways I was following S/S 2015 runway trends and shows, so I thought I'd do an updated version about how I'm following fashion week this year for S/S 2016. For me its around this time of year that my wardrobe needs yet another revamp so the current fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and London are perfect ways to get inspiration for new looks and guidance for what new pieces to buy for the coming season. What ways do you keep yourself updated with the latest from Fashion week?

It goes without saying that Magazines are probably the easiest and most thorough way to see pictures from the shows, get all the trends in one place and discover what's new and exciting. It's always fun to see which designers have really pushed the boat out with their latest designs; which ones worked and perhaps which ones didn't. It's also really helpful having each trend displayed on page by page spreads with all the designers who've created similar styles and pieces.

Since last year my magazine choices haven't really changed; I stick with Elle, Vogue, Porter, Love, and Marie Claire's runway specials. Of course you can find all of these mags online, and you can get subscriptions on your phones and tablets for on the go. Which magazines do you like to read?

On the go

I used to have way to many apps based around fashion week, and I found myself wasting phone and iPad space just so I could have all those apps, and I wasn't even using them all. This year I've narrowed it down to my two favourites; Vogue Runway and the M2M Fashion Video Channel app. These two are, in my opinion, the best apps for detailed and readily available runway news and roundups. The M2M Fashion Video Channel app provides the latest videos straight from the shows for you to watch, completely free. Watching the shows is one of my favourite parts of fashion week and just high fashion in general. Which apps do you have?
What's new?

As of this year I've been far more immersed in the details and history of designers, trends and all things runway. Having The Fashion Book handy, has been a really nice way to look up designers that I may not know much about and get some inside knowledge, for example, on trends that have made a come back. If you really want the know-how this year, I highly recommend getting this book for some in-depth fashion reading whilst watching shows, reading about them or just swatting up on what you'd like to know. What are your favourite fashion books?

Something that really took me my surprise this year was the fact that Vogue is now using WhatsApp to directly notify you of whats happening right this second including the new, just released articles on their site. All you have to do is add their number to your contacts, 07481344932 (be sure to add your appropriate dial code), and message them on whatsapp with the word FASHION. Then you're in! I promise they don't bug you too often, they just make sure the breaking news is right there when you need it, and inform you of what's new in the fashion world. Have you got Vogue on WhatsApp?

How are you following Fashion Week S/S 2016? Use any of my methods? What are your favourites?

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