What's on my iPad + Cosmonaut Review

Since I'm in the midst of my exams for uni, I've decided to post once or twice a week, staying as active as possible until they're done. Today I'm delighted to be talking about my iPad 4 Mini; the apps, tips and ways I incorporate blog stuff onto it. I also thought it would be the perfect time to review the latest stylus that I've been trying out, The Cosmonaut, because a stylus is just what I needed for my iPad. What's on your iPad/tablet? 

Apps - In Built

Aside from the obvious (contacts, calendar, FaceTime, camera etc.) I rely heavily on Apple's optional in built apps, especially those that help me with organisation. 

Notes - new ideas, shopping lists, random notes. 

Reminders - Crucial if you're the kind of person who needs technology to remind you to do things; send a letter by a certain date, perform a daily task you always forget (workout perhaps?), or read that book you keep avoiding. 

iTunes U - For a student, this app is so helpful. You can download courses, notes and books all in one place for whatever you're studying, and most of it is free.

Keynote - Again for a student, creating a presentation with Keynote is an invaluable tool.

Podcasts - I love podcasts, my favourites being Fempire and Anna Farris is Unqualified

Music - this may seem unnecessary to mention, but Music on an iPad or any tablet is often over looked but I find it just as handy to have my favourite songs on my tablet too. 

iBooks - Probably one of my top 5 things to do on my iPad is read; I can get all my favourite books on the go, in amazing quality. I've had many a kindle, but for me nothing beats iBooks. Currently reading: Kill Your Friends by John Nivan

Apps - Downloaded

I'm the kind of person who downloads far too many apps and doesn't use half of them, so here are the apps I actually do use and would highly recommend. 

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Snapchat. 

Photography: Fused, VSCO, Glitch Art, EyeEm, and Snapseed

Keyboards: Broad City, Kimoji, and Victoria's Secret

Kylie - If you read my detailed post about Kylie Jenner's site then you'll know I really love it, and since it comes with an app for mobiles and tablets, its the perfect portable companion. Bonus: you get Kylie Radio. 

Evernote - Whilst I do often use the inbuilt notes app, Evernote is my go to for everything. Across platforms you just sign in and all your notes come flooding in. I does so much more than any other note app; typed and written notes, pictures, videos, voice notes and more. Great for a busy blogger!

Bloglovin' - Need I explain why? Love this app, its an absolute essential. 

Buffer - On the go, scheduling social media posts is best done on Buffer. 

Villoid - If you haven't got Villoid yet then I highly recommend it if you love anything to do with Alexa Chung. This is basically her version of Pinterest but a lot chicer (if that's even a word). 

IMDB: If, like me, you love movies and television, IMDB should be your portable companion for anything and everything tv/movie related. 

Made to Measure - This app is how I stay up to date with the latest runway trends, looks, shows and designers. I think it's the best one out there. 

Before I purchased the Cosmonaut I looked everywhere for the best reviews on the top stylus's for touch screen devices. This always came up as one of the best, but reason I went for it was the simple, stunning, and easy to handle design. I like making handwritten notes on my iPad, but I just also love the way a stylus makes my life so much easier.

The Cosmonaut is a more affordable, yet specifically crafted stylus, with the quality of something much more expensive. It looks and feels like you're using a marker, or crayon, but as Studioneat (the brand who make the Cosmonaut) says 'it just feels right'. The best thing about it is how durable and strong it is; this stylus is built to last and won't let you down. 

I hope you found today's post interesting, what are your essential tablet apps? What's on your tablet?

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