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Next week I'm going to be travelling in and around the UK and France, which includes multiple train rides, planes and moving from place to place to place. I don't think I've ever travelled this much at once in my whole life, and packing my beauty kit is hard at the best of times. But the key to packing as light and efficient as possible, without sacrificing your health, hygiene and overall look, is packing the right stuff that will serve you whilst you're away. If, like me, you find it so hard to pack lightly when it comes to beauty products, then this post might post might give you a few ideas along the way. What are your most valuable packing tricks?


My skincare product collection only gets bigger everyday, but even though my trip will last a total of two weeks, including a flight on the last day, I can't possibly bring everything from that collection that I'm used to using/want to bring. Instead I look over to my vast collection of mini skincare and body care products:
  • Magazines or monthly subscription services provide a plethora of samples for this each purpose
  • Pack at least two of each type of product
  • Make sure you have a clear toiletry bag for them
The trick is, having packed all these minis you'll use them up over the course of your stay, and if you've packed them correctly, you'll have just enough to last you till the end. Then you simply throw them away and end up with far less bulk than you started with. 

Key items to make sure you pack:
  • 2 Cleansers, moistursiers, exfolaiting scrubs, shower gels, makeup remover, hand creams, masks, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, etc. 
Depending on how long your staying you might want to pack 3 or 4 of each item, but the beauty of this system is that as time progresses, your luggage becomes lighter and lighter. Plus, if you're anything like me and want to shop whilst you're away, you'll definitely need the space! My most valuable item in this bunch has to be my Mini Bioderma, it's going to be so handy going from day to night looks, a micellar water can never be undervalued. 


When it comes to makeup I'll always be far more picky about what I bring, as there'll only really be room for a few key items. For this section I'll go into more specifics, because I believe you have to carefully pick out each and every item in your travel makeup kit.

What I'm taking: 
  • Naked 2 Basics Palette
  • Infallible Primer
  • Naked Skin Beauty Balm 
  • Naked Skin Concealer 
  • Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Birthday Suit
  • They're Real Mascara 
  • Carli Bybel Palette
  • Plum Lip Liner
  • Eye Brow Pencil w/spoolie* 
  • Luminising Highlighter Quad*

I found it so difficult to decide which products to take with me, as I'm reduced to one little makeup bag to fit all this. I discovered that the best thing to do is give yourself more versatility when it comes to the eye shadow (Naked 2, Carli Bybel) and less when it comes to lip products (just Matte Me in Birthday Suit) but chose a colour that goes with almost every look you desire to use. More specifically I recommend these two eye shadow palettes because Naked 2 is just all the bases you'll need in one little compact shell, and Carli's Palette includes highlighters, matte eyeshadows, shimmery shadows and bronzer. All-in-ones are your best friend when it comes to traveling. 

What are your best beauty travelling tips? Use any of my tricks? Where are you going on Holiday this year?

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