Ricoh Arena, Coventry, West Midlands, UK

Rihanna Anti Tour 2016

Over the latest few weeks I was very lucky to be present at both Rihanna and Beyoncé's concerts in the UK, Rihanna in Coventry and Beyoncé in London (post to come). I had such an amazing time travelling around the UK just visiting friends, shopping and having a great time in the summer. Now that it's all cooled off, I can look back at my Rihanna memories with a smile on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed her concert, although there were a few things that weren't so positive about it (no fault of Rihanna's) that I ought to mention along the way, but ultimately if you're in a country that she's still touring around or going to, I highly recommend getting yourself a ticket to see her! Have you been to any of Rihanna's Anti Tour concerts?

One thing I have to mention (as you may notice from the pictures) is that there was a surprisingly low turnout compared to what you'd expect from a Rihanna gig. Seeing so many empty seats and spaces was slightly off putting at first but it's not hard to ignore it when Rihanna and her support artists get going. I was quite shocked at the turnout but now having read about it, apparently the sale prices of some tickets got so inflated that people simply couldn't afford it. We paid around £60 for our seated tickets, we had a great view and weren't burdened by a stressful standing area. 

Before either support act came on, however, there was a major fight in the standing area in which everyone in the crowd got to their feet to cheer and shout at those in the brawl. It was quite a rush, I must admit, but ultimately those involved were escorted out and missed everything! All that aside, the concert was started by a 30 minute set from none other than DJ Mustard. 

DJ Mustard

Dj Mustard was brilliant, he got the crowd going and set the scene for a great evening. I personally love his music but I noticed some of the crowd wasn't as enthused because they didn't know enough of his songs, but the standing crowd had loads of energy and kept the place alive throughout his set. I was surprised, however, by the lack of stage decoration for his appearance, he simply got a small placard with his name on the table; I think he deserved a much bigger spectacle than that. 

Big Sean

The man in pink that night was, of course, the infamous Big Sean who lit up the stage with his everlasting energy and flare. As a blogger I immediately took note of his outfit (I mean, how could you not?), it's just so stylish and cool. Sean did around 30 minutes, like Mustard, and performed just about everyone of his biggest hits as well as his collab hits with Good Music. I really enjoyed singing along to his tracks and felt well and truly ready for Rihanna to come on next. 


After almost an hours wait of anticipation and some impatience, Rihanna finally come on with a hooded white look accompanied by a security entourage through the left side of the crowd. As badass as this look was, she began with one of her more mellow hits, Stay, in the middle of the crowd on a small booth before travelling along an elevated, see through panel to the main stage. The whole crowd went wild for her and the concert was well and truly kicked off once she removed her hood and got going with some more up beat songs. 

The first look: You may have seen this first look on Instagram, it was definitely one of my faves. As I've already said, the look was covered with a simple, undecorated white canvas coat with a draw string hood. The on stage removal of the coat revealed a gorgeous body suit (created by Adam Selman) and the most outrageously stunning Giuseppe thigh high ruched boots

20 minutes in and Rihanna was giving us hit after hit, with some really exciting throwback tunes from back in the day. It was so great to hear old hits I was obsessed with 6/7 years ago, it really lit the place up. Although it was slightly awkward when some of the younger members of the audience didn't know them...

The second look: I adored this looks just as much as the first, the nude lace up jumpsuit with accented lace up and down the body was a stunning refresh after the first break. This suit was accompanied by another loose, head-to-toe hood (or do-rag) a simple yet chic accompaniment. 

Towards the middle of the concert we were getting more recent hits from her current album, Anti, and were also graced with some of her Unapologetic favourites. It was after the third break that it started getting quite dark so the atmosphere just got better and better. 

The third look: To add some serious drama, Rihanna took it up a notch with another Jumpsuit, this time in Brown with head-to-toe glittery, beaded fringe. Adding the majority of the drama, however, was the huge chocolate brown sweeping cloak; Rihanna definitely did the cloak justice as she whipped it to and frow across the stage during her perfomances. 

As the end of the concert came closer and closer, the fourth and final break began with a heart felt performance of Diamonds, where all the crowd brought out flashlights and phone lights to illuminate the stadium. In the picture below you can see how pretty it was at that point, but also (sadly) a lot of the empty spaces. This, happily, did not detract from the overall effect Diamonds had on the entire crowd. 

The fourth (and final) look: To end the night Rihanna donned a more melow (still chic, of course) outfit with an oversized brown suit, and an L.A. Roxx leather body suit. As if that wasn't choice enough, she completed the look with a pair of vintage Dior sunglasses, classic Rihanna. 

Overall I had a fantastic night at Rihanna's Anti Tour concert in Coventry despite the fights and empty seats, nothing could detract from her music, stage presence, and of course that voice. If I haven't hinted at it enough already, go and see it if you can! For more info on her outfits, check out Vogue's article interviewing her stylist Mel Ottenberg who breaks down every look and the inspiration behind them. 

On the Rihanna front, although she's yet to bring out a new album (as it's way to soon), I've been loving her new song 'Sledgehammer' which came out just 5 days after I saw her (on 25th of June), it's simple gorgeous. Have a listen if you haven't already: 

Have you been to see or are going to see Rihanna? Would you like to? What concerts have you been to this year?

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