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In the summer I like to wear a lot of light, bright and summer inspired colours during the majority of the season, but when it comes to accessories I still like a darker colour palette. This wasn't a conscious choice, however, I ended up realising some time last week that my three main accessories are this gorgeous dark blue; a complete coincidence. I love the contrast it makes with the whites, light pinks, and pastel shades of my summer wardrobe, they're my favourite summer style combos. What are your favourite accessories for the summer? 

You may remember my good and faithful Zara bag from my What's in my Bag post, it has been my go to bag when I need something that stores everything and anything whilst remaining effortlessly chic throughout the season. This bag came out in 2015 but Zara have brought out an updated version which you can find here, still under the name of a 'City Bag'. Summer in the city doesn't seem right without a bag like this. 

One of the things that I get the most questions about is my dark blue H&M Faux Fur Pompom key ring that I featured a while back in an H&M haul. This accessory is really hot right now, thanks mostly to Kylie Jenner, and at first I wasn't sure about it but now I couldn't leave the house without it (or else I wouldn't be able to get back in haha). It's almost an exact colour match to my bag and often I just take it out without a bag as its big enough to fit nicely in hand, and never get lost. 

Recently I finally got a hold of my dream phone (post to come) the iPhone 6S Plus in Rose Gold, and whilst I love putting on a clear case to showcase its gorgeousness, I often like to put on my Apple case in, again, Navy Blue or as Apple put it 'Midnight Blue'. If you're an iPhone owner and haven't tried these leather cases from the Apple store, then you're missing out, they are incredible. Not only are the super protective against shattering and damage, they're so chic and feel great in hand. I couldn't recommend them more. 

You can find these leather cases in 9 colours here

What are your go to Summer Accessories? Do you like darker shades in the summer months? 

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