Get Ready With Me: Night Out w/ Airtime

I don't know about you but for me, getting ready for events, nights out or parties can be such a lengthy, stressful experience since I'm always late and can never decide what to where whilst in the middle of singing along to my favourite hit songs. It's a mess. But today I thought I'd do a Night Out Get Ready With Me so we can stress out together, however I'd also like to introduce a new key element to my getting ready experience in the form of an app; the Airtime App. What is your getting ready experience like? 

Step 1. 

The essentials to begin my night are showering, doing my legs and picking out my outfit. I love a pop of colour at night, so this time around I've gone for a bright peach dress from TopShop paired with some simple black heals (Just Fab) and a slim gold necklace (H&M). For a clutch bag I usually take my black H&M one (featured in this post) but this time I'm using the clutch bag included in December 2015's Birchbox. 


Step 2. 

Music is a huge part of my getting ready session, and you can see all the songs I love to listen to below. Airtime (a free app) has become an integral part of my get ready experience as with this one app I can listen to music, chat to friends and video call them to organise our night. You can see all the essential apps above, however Airtime encapsulates a lot of the apps I used to use into one fantastic experience. So now I can chat or video call with my friends about what we're wearing, share music and turn up on time for once.  What are your favourite songs and apps to use/listen to when getting ready? 

Step 3.

Once the music is all set up, and my best friend and I are connected on Airtime, it's times time to get dressed and do my makeup. My usual 'Night Out' look is a statement shimmery eye, with a stand out highlight (from Sleek's Precious Metals Palette) and a nude lip. Sometimes I go for a more smokey eye, but other times I like a neutral eye and a winged liner. With this look I went for a winged liner and a neutral eye, not forgetting a nude Matte Liquid Lipstick from Sleek in the colour 'Birthday Suit'. 

Step 4.

The finishing touches include my shoes, styling my hair up, perfume (YSL's Black Opium) and sometimes a bold nail colour on both hands and feet. Instagram's new feature, Stories, is now a key part where I can share the finished look real time. Thanks to Airtime, my friends and I can be ready on time, organise where we're meeting and have a good night. Thanks for getting ready with me! 

What's your night out get ready session like? What are your favourite songs to listen to? Ever used Airtime before?

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