September Birchbox Unboxing

Sunday has become my 'write and promote posts day' so as well as regular end of week posting, there should be a lot more from my blog scheduled during the week whilst I'm busy stuck in the books. I commend anyone out there at University still maintaining their full blogging schedule, I simply don't know how you do it! But, one cause for celebration is the gorgeous September issue of Birchbox in collaboration with Wear Lemonade. A very quirky, colourful and as always brilliant set of products to kick off Autumn. What did you get this month? 

Autumn Jewellery Update

When Autumn comes around, my wardrobe isn't the only thing that gets a slight recharge. As much as I like adding browns, oranges and warm autumn tones to my clothes, I also love adding a few extra bits to my Jewellery collection. As I've just entered University, it's important I have the appropriate accessories to wear for social events and outings, as well as different pieces to vary each day. I currently have 3 ear piercings (post to come regarding those!) and I love accessorising with them, so earrings were a must have for my Jewellery Update. What have you added to your jewellery collection this season?  

University Haul | Kitchen Essentials

If you follow me on Instagram (@asocalledbeauty) then you'll know I just moved in to my University Accommodation, where I've finally organised and arranged my clothes, shoes, books, kitchen utensils, food and most importantly, beauty products. But today I'm focusing on my Kitchen Utensils and essentials that I've picked up to begin my new life as a self catered, first year student of English Literature and Spanish. It's something a little different, but I wanted to share my last splurge haul on some new kitchen stuff. So, if you're about to go to Uni or are thinking about going next year, then this might help you decide what you need to pick up. What are you currently studying? What are your kitchen essentials?

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