October Birchbox Unboxing

I feel like every month these boxes are just getting better and better, and even though I'm almost at the end of my subscription, there's no sadness at all I'm just filled with delight every time one of them comes to my door. In the spirit of Autumn/Winter beauty transitioning, this months box has definitely provided me with products that are ideal for taking care of the hair and skin when the weather gets colder and the skin needs a little more love. What did you receive in your subscription box this month?

New From Sephora | Skincare + More

I feel like, even though I shop at Sephora very regularly, I'd never really tried anything new from their extensive range of skincare, makeup and beauty accessories. Well that all changed on my most recent trip there, just before seeing Bridget Jones Baby (epic film btw!) in the cinema; I had time to kill so I got to spending - bad idea! The outcome, however, wasn't a bundle of branded makeup, this time round I picked up some new Sephora branded goodies to try and for once, a couple of things I genuinely needed. What did you pick up on your last beauty shopping trip?

Eyeshadow Palette Collection + Wishlist

I recently had a huge makeup clear out/ organisation session and having put all my current palettes together, I thought it would be a good idea to do a collection post! Eye shadow palettes are by far my most favourite things to buy/have when it comes to makeup and although I don't have that many, my plans for the future are quite extensive (or I should say rather, expensive). I'm more of a matte girl, but I do like to include the odd shimmer now and again. My current, full eyeshadow palette wishlist is also included in today's post; I am so happy to share what palettes I've fallen head over heals in love with. What are your favourite eye shadow palettes? Tried any of mine?

2 Year Blogiversary + Instagram Giveaway!

Okay so I know what you might be thinking, my official 2 year Blogiversary was indeed back in July, but I've been so busy, I just couldn't get around to making this post until now; in October! Just goes to show how organised I am, but realistically I didn't expect much better from myself when experiencing major shell shock from the amount of University work I'd get in the first couple of months being here. But its here now, I can officially sign off on another happy, successful year of doing what I love. That's the beauty of blogging, ultimately you make your own rules, content and working hours; forever enjoying the journey. 

Latest Facial Spray Faves

If you're a regular reader, or know me personally, then you'll know I adore and worship facial spays as not only part of my standard skincare routine, but also a key element in my daily life for going to gym, outings and makeup touch-ups. I believe there's a facial spray out there for everyone that'll make you adore the concept of facial sprays all together; for me that was Caudalie's Beauty Elixir. Since using the bottle up, I have recently purchased a new one, which you'll be seeing in the near future; but today I wanted to chat about the new and latest sprays I've been using that are currently ticking all the boxes. 

A Touch of Rose Gold w/ ChloBo

I don't think anyone is quite over the Rose Gold craze yet, and I'm certainly not getting over it any time soon. Have you seen the new rose gold hair trend? I think even Kylie Jenner's done it; it never stops! There has been quite a lot of jewellery featured on my blog in the past, and you may remember my last Jewellery Update with Happiness Boutique (post here) featuring some gorgeous diamond shaped statement rose gold earrings. This time around gorgeous doesn't quite cut it when describing the latest piece I've fallen in love from ChloBo. What rose gold pieces are you sporting this season? 

Testing: Bodycare ft. Lilets & Forever Living

One of my favourite things to do is try new things, especially beauty products. I am the least bit neurophobic, but when it comes to introducing new beauty items to my collection, the trailing period is super important. Throughout the last month leading up to October and Autumn, I've been trialling some new goodies that I'd like to share from Lilets and Forever Living. What have you been trialling lately? 

H&M Haul | The Basics

Judging by the hauls I've been doing recently, I seem to shop at H&M quite a lot thanks to where I live currently being super close to a massive H&M store; you can't really blame me. This time around I stuck to more of the accessories and lingerie, but my local store has so much plus a massive Homeware section, and we all know how gorgeous H&M home is. One thing I was dissapointed by was that despite being such a huge branch, they had no H&M sport which is what I'd originally came for. I'm not, however, the sort of person to walk away empty handed, so I picked up a few basics that caught my eye. What have you picked up recently? 

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