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Since its the last day of 2016, the last day of December (well that goes without saying), I thought it would be perfect timing to kick off my blogging schedule again after the holidays and family time. I've had a fabulous little Christmas, it has been wonderful coming back to see my family and spending the festive season in their company, how has your Christmas been? I received mostly makeup (typical) but also a couple of books this year, and I really wanted to share them here on my blog! So, for those of you who like these kinds of posts, like me, I hope you enjoy! What did you get this year?

Aside from all the palettes, the first thing I want to talk about is this mug. For those of you who don't what the show Broad City is then you won't understand the character reference here, but I implore you to watch this show; I'm not going to sit here and say you won't get it, just ignore it, you have to get stuck into all 3 seasons right now! It is one of the best shows I've ever watced, its a comedy and myself and my best friend love and watch it together whenever we can. Hence why she got me this mug, I couldn't be more happy to have it. 

It goes without saying that I cannot wait to get stuck into all of these palettes as soon as possible; all of which I have been dying to own for months. Instead of writing paragraphs and paragraphs about them here, I'm going to be pretty brief because it also goes without saying that I'll be doing a review of each and every one of them very soon in some upcoming posts. One palette that was on my wishlist that I wasn't expecting to see this year was Bh Cosmetics' Warm Stone 12 Colour Palette from their Marble Collection. My best friend saw me tweeting about this when it first came out, and to my surprise she got it for me 😭 She's the best! What did your bff get you for Christmas? 

Now, the palettes I was expecting include; Too Faced's Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar, Zoeva's Caramel Melange Palette, Kat Von D's Shade and Light Eye Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hill's Modern Renaissance Palette and Too Faced's Christmas In New York Collection's Chocolate Shop. I am unduly grateful for this palette paradise, and have to say the palette I'm most looking forward to using is of course the Modern Renaissance Palette. However all of these palettes were at the top of my wishlist so I'm ecstatic about each and every one of them.  

Just to mention quickly, the Chocolate Shop comes with this gorgeous 20 shadow palette as well as deluxe samples of their Shadow Insurance Primer, Melted Liquid Lipstick and their Better Than Sex Mascara. 

On the book side of things, I almost always have exclusively Harry Potter related books and this year was clearly no exception. Having read the original book and then excitingly seen the movie which came out this year, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has been a joy to welcome to my collection. This big hard back is called The Case of Beasts where you'll find all the inspiration for the film, how they filmed it, character studies and a plethora of pop up bits to get stuck into. I love this type of book and have the exact same one made for the original Harry Potter films. Highly recommend for those of you who loved the film!

To continue the tradition my patents kindly gifted me the second Harry Potter book newly illustrated by (my now favourite illustrator) Jim Kay. The Chamber of Secrets illustrated by Jim Kay, is the most beautiful thing I've seen since I received his illustrated copy of The Philosopher's Stone. It is just stunning, he captured the essence of every character, setting and emotion of the characters/scenes in this story and for me (as a huge harry potter fanatic) completely did the series proud. I can't wait to get the next one! 

As always, I am extraordinarily grateful for all the love, gifts and happy times from this Christmas and I'm so sad it's over. However, I'm really excited to leave 2016 and enter a new exciting year ahead.

How did you spend the Christmas Holidays? What did you get? Happy New Year!

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